Wednesday, April 29, 2009

my choir concert

This is all the students that is in the concert. At the end, the choir students were happy because they could finally eat snacks and sit down.

Before my concert, my mommy took a picture of me.

This is my friend, K. We are talking together about things.

This is my brother and D. They are friends.

We are taking a picture together with my poster on the side of me.


  1. Great job singing, Sunny J. I'm glad you smiled on stage. That is awesome! I am happy that you found yourself another homeschool friend.

    lv, mommy

  2. Hey there Sunny J. I am one of your Mommy's Bloggy friends. I thought I would introduce myself. Your little blog is very good. I am sure your folks are very proud of you and your singing. I am glad that the Lord has brought you a new friend. :) Fellowship is so important. We can strenghten and uplift eachother in Jesus. What a blessing!