Saturday, April 18, 2009

Exotic animals

Today I went to see exotic animals.

This is a ferret. Ferrets are playful but sometimes calm. I want ferret for a pet when I think I can handle a ferret.

This is a pictures of several snakes. If you see red, black and yellow, then you should just leave it alone.
This is when we are traveling through the blood stream. There are white and red blood cells. When I was sick, my doctor said my white blood cells are up. There are also platelets in my blood. They help to stop bleeding. But this was a decoration of your blood streams.

This is when we are about to touch the stomach of the cow. My daddy was just like "WOW"! I'm touching the stomach of the cow. The hole does not hurt the cow. The lady says it is like putting a hole in our ears for earrings.
I'm petting a horse which I think is a girl.

Now we are at dairy shop for ice cream but the lines was too long so we were playing on this tree that is like a pine tree home. It is pretty perfect for a fairy house.


  1. Wow, what a neat trip! Especially getting to walk through a blood stream a touch a cow's stomach. :)

  2. Dear Sunny J,

    I can see that you are getting more comfortable with the animals... you would not have held a ferret that long ago. And you are getting better at climbing trees by the day!

    Love, mommy

  3. I love horses! Araina Loves ferrets to.

  4. Sunny J, is that your mama with you in the top picture? She looks just like you, both such beautiful ladies.