Thursday, May 9, 2013

bird eggs

Hi sunny is in back in!
a few weeks ago we found bird shells on the ground. it looked like it just hatched about 15 min ago.
later i will  post a few pics of the bird shells and a few pics of W moving the shells to a safer spot. it still had yolk in it.the shells were a darker shade of yellow.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Little Brother A

my little brother A is very cute and very chubby. I change his diaper and feed him. For details about A go to Adventures of J, W, and A.

Monday, October 24, 2011


I am in my second year of competitive dance in PD. I just love dancing so I am planning to be a professional dancer. But I do not know what kind of dancer I want to be. I was thinking about being a ballerina but then I realized I would have to do partnering. Speaking of partnering, I am in the Christmas Spectacular show and for the beginning there is partnering. I got picked and everybody who got picked did not want to do it. The teacher(owner) asked me if I was cool with it and I said kind of but in my heart I really said NO. He picked another girl and asked her the same thing and she said no. Guess what the owner said, "Oh well, you will just have to live with it."

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Our China trip

I went to China with my family for about 3 week. We went to Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shuzhou, Wuxi and Shaoxing. I liked candied strawberry which is strawberry that is coated with crunchy candy. I also liked looking at Chang Jiang river, seeing the Song dynasty performance and acrobatic performance. I remember going with tour groups, climbing the Great Wall (chang chen), visting the Mao zhu xi memorial, walking through the forbidden city where the emperor used to live and etc. I didn't like getting pushed, the squat toilet and stinky bathrooms. In China, there was a lot of yummy, yummy snacks. My favorite snack was this hand grounded peanut dough.

I think China was fun and I wish we can go again. Next time I will visit different parts of China, get some more toy pandas and some more massages. :)

This year is the year of the tiger.

We're on the Great Wall of China when it was raining. It was very hard to climb because it was very steep. Sometimes I had to hold on to the rails.

This is my little friend on one of the tours.

At the west lake... feels good to be outside.

We are on the tour bus.This is our favorite drink in China.

We're getting a haircut. My brother didn't like his haircut because it was cut too short. Mine is just right.

At my mom's grandfather's old house. He has bamboo in his back yard. We tried to climb the bamboo but it was very hard.

We saw lots of fish and turtles at Buddha temple pond

We're taking a walk in Jing Shang where my grandparents live. We saw an elementary school playing outside. We watched them for quite a while.

I think it looks like they are having lots of workout and fun.

We are at the Shanghai pavilion inside the World Expo. My mom brought us fruit Popsicle and they are good!

Night scene in Shanghai. This picture was taken from a ship.

These are ladies dressed up in different costumes from different parts of China. We saw them at the world exp in the China pavilion. These ladies represents Shanxi province and I like their costumes.

These are ladies representing Beijing. They are dressed in Qing Dynasty costumes which is the last dynasty in China.

She is from Mongolia

Minority Chinese.

We also saw other country's pavilion, like Russia, Peru etc. We didn't see the US pavillion because the line was really long, like over 3 hours . It was also very hot but a lot of Chinese people still wear a lot of clothes.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Baby shower

Yesterday, I went to a baby shower and I helped decorate the walls and the tables. Then I learned how to blow up a balloon using a air pump. I was playing with E and I outside and pushing E on the tricycle.

I wish my mommy had another baby because I like babies. If my mommy have another baby, I will take care of it. I will change the diapers, feed baby, change baby clothes, and put baby to sleep. I will play with baby, teach the baby, wash the baby. I will call her sissy. If its a boy, I will call him brothy.

I had fun at the baby shower and my favorite part was helping A. S open the presents with other children.

This is Max. I was a little scared to hold Max. I will just pet him next time. But if my mommy help me, I will hold Max.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Today when we went on a walk, I saw a toad that looked like a rock. Then I saw it jump and I find that it was really a toad. I told my mom and she came over and looked at it and said WOW!

First, my brother only petted the toad and then my mom said I wish you can pick it up so he picked up the toad. Then we wanted to keep it but my mom told us to put the toad in the bird bather but he went down the pipes.

My brother starting to pick up the toad.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My made up song on the piano

I made up a song and a lot of people like it like my family, my grandma and my friends.

Hope you enjoy it too!