Monday, June 8, 2009


Today when we went on a walk, I saw a toad that looked like a rock. Then I saw it jump and I find that it was really a toad. I told my mom and she came over and looked at it and said WOW!

First, my brother only petted the toad and then my mom said I wish you can pick it up so he picked up the toad. Then we wanted to keep it but my mom told us to put the toad in the bird bather but he went down the pipes.

My brother starting to pick up the toad.


  1. Sunny J,

    What a great discovery you had. Thank God that it was such a mellow fellow and that we got to observe and your brother even got to hold him.

    I love you!


  2. what a cute toad we get lots of them here too and we love them. They are great mosquito eaters :-)

  3. Hey dong dong if your read this just wondering how to comment on your site, I seem to be missing it. You guys are doing some wondreufl stuff, love the childrens garden you have some amazing places near you.

  4. Sunny, did you try to hold it???

    Lisa :)