Friday, May 1, 2009

pond critters

Today I went to NM. I caught some pond critters.

I saw a snapping turtle. You can tell by its long tail with spikes.
This is the tummy part of the snapping turtle and the lady says it almost looks like it has a tattoo.
This is 2 baby turtles. One is a snapping turtle and one is the painted turtle. They are racing and the painted turtle won the race. I voted for the painted turtle and my mom voted for the snapping turtle.
The baby snapping turtle is trying to roll over but it doesn't want to so we have to help it.
This is a snapping turtle eating his favorite treat: ( banana )worms.
The leader is holding a peeper or a frog. I don't know because I forgot.

I took this picture of the flowers and I don't know what kind of flowers but they are so pretty. :)


  1. HI, J

    Good job raising your hand to answer the question and great job taking that last picture. Those are really pretty flowers. I like the color too. I hope you had fun.

    lv, mommy